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In case you missed the memo, virtual influencers are already incredibly popular in China. These influencers may be branded or independent, realistic or cartoonish, human-operated or AI-generated. With gross merchandising volume from influencer campaigns forecast to hit US$27.4 billion in China by 2022, many are starting to ask how extensive a threat virtual influencers will pose to real-life influencers.


This IWD, Radii paid tribute to eight extraordinary Chinese women. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in learning about some of the most influential people who have shaped China and the world over the past century. The list includes several film stars and writers, an athlete, a rapper and a comedian. It also pays tribute to medical researcher Tu Youyou: who discovered artemisinin – the drug which has saved millions of lives in the global fight against malaria.

China Skinny

China Skinny have confirmed Daxue Consulting’s January report, claiming that pre-market animal testing will no longer be compulsory for a significant number of “ordinary” cosmetic products. From May 1st, 2021, many cruelty-free brands (who have previously been restricted to cross-border eCommerce only) will be able to sell over-the-counter (via general trade) in mainland China. 

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