Logistics & Warehousing Service

Shipping Yard

RLG’s in-house logistics team manage all facets relating to international shipping services, warehousing and order fulfillment.

  • RLG regularly ship goods from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US to China.
  • We utilise a number bonded warehouses across China’s border to manage our inventory and handle order fulfilment
  • Certain shipping points in China specialise in certain types of goods. Knowing which shipping port is optimal for your industry – whether it’s food and beverage, pharmaceuticals etc. is paramount.
  • We provide regular reporting to give you a snapshot of where your inventory is sitting, and optimise order fulfillment to maximise efficiency. However, this is particularly crucial as CBEC requirements stipulate that inventory can only be sold with at least 2/3rds remaining shelf life.

Customer Service

Man holds phone in front of computer

China’s major platforms demand an extremely high standard of customer service. Our in house teams are trained to manage:

  • 24/7 customer support and live chats
  • Managing returns and damaged inventory
  • Customer Feedback management and responsiveness

Regulatory Management

Contract Signing

Setting up your company for China can be a daunting process. Fortunately, we have lots of experience in managing China’s complex regulatory environment.

  • Business and Trademark registrations
  • Platform set up and registrations
  • Taxation and compliance management
  • General-Trade Registration for products
  • Monitoring and responding to changes in government policies

Finance & Payment Management


RLG offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing a variety of cross-border financial matters.

  • eCommerce Pricing strategy: setting retail pricing, everyday sell prices, price floors, promotional and marketing budgets etc.
  • B2B pricing: managing distributor and wholesale pricing, minimum order quantities etc.
  • Financial Repatriation
  • Exchange Rate Fluctuation Management

Partnership with Novatti

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RLG provides fully integrated Payment Solutions (WeChat and Alipay) directly and also in partnership with Novatti (ASX Listed Company). Novatti is one of the leaders in this payment processing and an AFSL accredited business directly (as opposed to other providers).

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