股掌 Guzhang is RLG’s eCommerce Platform that allows any business to quickly and simply launch a state-of-the-art online store across multiple Chinese focused digital channels including Alipay and WeChat.

RLG is Alipay’s official and trusted marketing and software development partner in Australia & New Zealand.

Using the power of the 股掌 Guzhang platform, RLG’s expert team will launch your Brand on all the major Chinese digital eCommerce channels .


股掌 Guzhang is a next generation eCommerce platform specifically designed and implemented for the Chinese Consumer.

Shoppers simply open a mini app on their phone within WeChat or Alipay and start shopping.

Launch your brand immediately integrated into all the latest digital channels quickly and expertly reaching Chinese consumers anywhere in the world.

股掌 Guzhang is a platform that makes your eCommerce roll out quicker and simpler, providing your consumers with a best-in-class mini app shopping experience.

Manage the entire eCommerce process with real-time dashboards and reports.

股掌 Guzhang is robust and scalable with the ability to manage thousands of concurrent consumers and hundreds of brands on a single platform.

During tough times for tourism based businesses, use 股掌 Guzhang to reach the 1.2 million Chinese consumers already in Australia and New Zealand so that they can make purchases using their China based bank accounts here in Australia in AUD.

Whatever products or services you sell, 股掌 Guzhang can be customised to suit your needs. 


Here is RLG’s simple 3 step process

This will get your very own mini- app up and running on Alipay

1. Merchant Onboarding

  • Understand the 股掌 Guzhang offering
  • Explanation of roles and responsibilities
  • Breakdown of the timelines and deadlines
  • Mapping out the planned implementation

Zoom Call for 1-hour

2. Information Gathering

  • Store information including location, logo, description and special information pages
  • Category and Product details including pricing, descriptions, stock availability and images
  • All information uploaded by the Merchant to RooLife’s online 股掌 Guzhang platform
Ongoing process over 1 week

3. Store Setup

  • Translate all the store and product information
  • Tune the marketing specifically for the Chinese Consumer
  • Enter all the information into the 股掌 Guzhang platform
  • Deploy the mini apps to Alipay and WeChat
  • Test the store & merchant staff training
Ongoing process over 2 weeks
Zoom Call for 1-hour staff training & hand over session

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