RooLife x Alipay Collaboration

Introduction to Alipay

Alipay is, Ant Financial’s world-leading mobile and online payment platform. Roolife has been officially appointed as an Alipay Marketing Partner. In fact, it services over 1.2 billion users globally through its partners. It has over 900 million active users in China alone. But, in recent years, the app has developed in its own right to become a one-stop digital lifestyle-management tool. According to Nielson, Chinese customers are 89% more likely to make a purchase if Alipay is supported.

As Alipay’s official partner, RooLife Group can help your business to digitise your operations. Moreover, we can also help you to deepen your engagement with Chinese customers. This includes online and offline, at home and abroad – even before they’ve departed for their overseas journey.

How We Can Support Your Business

  • Online Store Creation and Management
  • Planning, creating and managing marketing content
  • Activation and onboarding of Alipay systems
  • Promotions and Online Coupon Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Set up your Alipay POS with our Payment Partner

How to Start Alipay

1. Register for Alipay payments with RooLife

First things first, your business must be able to accept Alipay payments. To set this up, contact RooLife to register. RooLife can set you up to process payments online and in-store through it’s strategic relationship with ASX-listed Novatti.

Novatti Logo

2. Create a Listing

Secondly, RooLife will build a vendor listing for your business within Alipay. This makes you searchable from the users’ Discover feature. If your business is not listed here, you will not be found.

In fact, Users can search for vendors in any location. They can also use their current location to discover local businesses. This is typically how Chinese tourists will find Australian businesses whilst touring around the country.

To put this into a more familiar context, Alipay listings are very similar to Google Business listings. There are hero images, text information, opening hours, location, products/services etc. 

Alipay listings can only be created by officially appointed its Marketing partners.

Alipay Listing
Chinese girl looks at phone

3. Create Coupons

Moreover, we can start to develop coupons to motivate your customers. These coupons are extremely flexible and can be tailored to your specific marketing and sales campaigns. Coupons are important, as the average Chinese consumer expects EVERY vendor to have some sort of coupon.

At the very least, you will wish to join in three main annual shopping events:

  1. Chinese New Year
  2. Summer holidays 
  3. Golden week 

It’s important to note also, that Alipay creates its own coupons throughout these key shopping periods. Throughout in 2018 and 2019, Australian vendors saw a significant up-tick in business (20-30%) during these events.

4. Set Up Your Material Displays

Finally, we need to set up your premises with it’s promotional materials. This includes counter stickers, posters, banners, etc. Chinese customers actively look out for Alipay imagery. To them, it indicates a seamless check out and digitally engaging skill. 

In addition, all your materials contain unique tracking QR codes. This means that all scans resulting in a purchase can be tracked back to your unique physical signage. 

Alipay material displays can only be ordered by, and delivered to: approved Alipay Marketing partners. 

Image - South China Morning Post
Chinese girl in cafe on phone

5. Start Selling!

Now that you’re all set up, the real fun begins. You can now create engaging experiences which engage your customers both online and offline. 

Start to leverage Alibaba’s big-data ecosystem to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. Use coupons to claim customers before they’ve even left their homes. Create campaigns tailored to convert online traffic to offline sales. Capture the attention of nearby users with promotions and coupons. The possibilities are nearly endless.


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