Our Core China Services

eCommerce & Cross-Border

Get set-up and start trading across China’s largest and fastest growing eCommerce platforms.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

RooLife can develop your core branding assets and essential digital channels, as well as orchestrate integrated marketing campaigns to maximum engagement and ROI.

B2B Distribution

Gain access to RooLife’s extensive B2B distribution networks. Leverage our strong in-house logistics and warehousing capabilities to sell directly to both direct-purchasing eCommerce platforms, as well as distributors.

Whalecome Mall Launch Daigou

Daigou Engagement

RooLife can seed your product and approved marketing materials directly to Australia’s leading C2C Daigou networks.

Chinese couple taking selfie

Travel & Tourism

Tap into China’s booming tourism industry promoting everything your company has to offer the Chinese Tourist abroad.

Core Export Operations

Utilise RooLife’s existing systems and expertise to coordinate your logistics, warehousing, cross-boarder payments, customer service, returns, reporting and compliance.

man strategising on whiteboard

Research & Strategy

Maximise your China ROI by truly understanding your customers and your competitive landscape.

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