Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital & Social Media Marketing

We help you make a big impact when entering a new market, by pulling from our database of tried and proven social media influencers in the health, nutrition, mom & babies, skincare, cosmetics, personal care, food, functional food and related sectors. We’ll deploy the right influencers at the right time, on the right platform with the right message - to make sure your message has the greatest reach possible.

Brand Activation & eCommerce Asset Creation

We activate your brand, set up your shops and provide product, marketing and sales support on China’s biggest eCommerce platforms including Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, VIP Shop, Koal and several others.

Digital Asset Creation

UGC, KOC & KOL Brand Activation

We develop User Generated Content (UGC), Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) campaigns using carefully chosen social media influencers in your industry - making sure your message resonates at all levels.

UGC, KOC & KOL Brand Activation Montage

Live Streaming

We’re always on top of social media trends. With live streaming becoming more and more popular, and an important way to demonstrate authenticity to consumers, we make sure to utilise this format - and all trending formats - when appropriate.

RLG's China Live Streamers Montage

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'New Market Ready' Consultation
Ready to expand into new markets and want to understand the potential for your business? Contact us to organise a ‘New Market Ready’ consultation. Pre-qualify using RLG's ‘New Market Ready’ survey to be completed prior.