New Market Entry Consultancy Services

Gain Access To International Markets

We’re experts at helping you enter new markets, especially China and more recently Singapore and other Asian countries. 

More than a decade of research and experience has given us a deep understanding of selling Western brands in the Chinese market, helping clients navigate Chinese regulatory requirements, distribution channels, online sales networks, consumer preferences and media trends.

We start by defining the feasibility and scale of your China market entry and then deliver a detailed market entry analysis that will: 

  • Clearly identify the consumer demand 
  • Estimate revenue that can be accessed 
  • Assess your new-market readiness 
  • Identify any risks you need to address
  • Identity the investment required
  • Provide market entry timings for achieving key milestones

What we offer

From developing your market entry strategy to optimising your sales to growing and scaling your business in a new market, there are many moving pieces that require your full attention. We’ll help you through it all with our 360-degree approach. Here’s how we can help.

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A New Market Strategy

We create a clear, strategic roadmap for your business to enter the Chinese market, clearly defining the optimal approach for your business. Our market entry strategy will consider the specific objectives, logistics, risks and milestones that need to be addressed for your Chinese market entry to be considered a success.


Cloud-based new market platform

RLG Marketplace is our turnkey go-to-market solution for establishing your presence within the Chinese market. It provides an end-to-end solution for launching your product, building brand awareness, driving sales, fulfilling orders and providing customer service.

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New Market Optimisation Framework

Our bespoke new market performance and optimisation framework is designed to help you increase market share and expand your new market offer, whilst simultaneously helping you to manage the risks and logistics required to support sustainable growth.

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New Market Scale

Once you’ve achieved scale in brand awareness, consumer demand and sales/delivery capability, RLG will help you manage the transition to a dedicated domestic, direct-to-consumer omnichannel trade presence.

Cross-Border eCommerce

Market Entry Examples

Our case studies show how we've helped brands like yours break into the Chinese market. Check out some of our market entry examples to see how we can help your business grow in China.

Are you ready to unlock a world of potential?

'New Market Ready' Consultation
Ready to expand into new markets and want to understand the potential for your business? Contact us to organise a ‘New Market Ready’ consultation. Pre-qualify using RLG's ‘New Market Ready’ survey to be completed prior.