China Export and B2B Distribution Services

Export to China: Directly to eCommerce Platforms

If your business wants to sell to China B2B, you’ve come to the right place. Each month, we provide stock, marketing and sales support for China’s major platforms. Some of these include JD Direct, Tmall Direct, Kaola, VIP and several other. Furthermore, as part of the process, we we can introduce you directly to our contacts at these companies.

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Direct Sales to Retailers and eCommerce Businesses

Similarly, RLG directly supports dozens of businesses in the CBEC space that operate independent stores. These span a wide number of categories, including mother and baby, skincare and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and more. Hence, if you’re looking to sell products to China, these small-medium sized players can provide sizeable revenue streams.

Daigou Distribution

RLG also supports a number of major Australian and NZ-based daigou distributors. This entails seeding stock and distributing brand-approved marketing materials and sales promotions. Crucially, a Daigou strategy may prove to be a crucial step towards building your brand’s legitimacy and awareness in China. This is largely due to heavy importance which Chinese consumers place on ensuring ‘authenticity’. The same is similarly true for B2B distributors and platforms. Before investing in a new brand, these businesses seek out whether their products have gained traction in domestic Chinese communities.

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RooLife Customer Support

Our B2B Support Services:

  • Marketing support: brand-approved designs, translations, KOL and livestreaming etc.
  • Sales support: Promotional support, marketing budget, special-offers and one-off products.
  • Customer Support: Our experienced teams in Guangzhou and Qingdao are trained to support and manage the various needs and demands of our B2B partners, often on very short notice.
  • Logistics and warehousing: Leveraging our bonded warehouses in China, RLG is able to manage all regulatory, logistics and warehousing requirements.
  • Pricing: China’s B2B distributors form a surprisingly tight-knit community. Attention to pricing strategy is vital to maintaining long-term growth and profitability.

RooLife's Phased Approach to Business Development in China

Phased Approach to Business Development

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