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RLG’s Guangzhou team have the tools, skills and experience to develop and execute a comprehensive range of marketing solutions to support your business’ amplification strategies.

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The consumer Journey in China

The Consumer Journey in China

China’s digital marketing ecosystem has developed in a vastly different way relative to the west. This is largely due to the vast differences in consumer beliefs, attitudes and conducts. However, a high presence of counterfeit goods, trademark disputes and consumer goods scandals has made for a comparatively cautious consumer.


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  • In the west, people tend to rely most heavily on search engines to discover data about new products, goods, services, brands etc.
  • In China, it is estimated that somewhere between 60-80% of information searches start on eCommerce platforms. Due to concerns around trademarks and IP theft on these platforms, proprietary content, designs and information are generally hard embedded into the eCommerce page designs, making them ‘unsearchable’.
  • There are also countless, diverse digital platforms and mini programs set up to accommodate each demand. Knowing your consumers, and by extension the platforms they regularly are equally as vital.-


  • China’s social media and eCommerce realms are deeply intertwined. Having an eCommerce presence is (in most cases) mainly important to supporting your consumer journey.
  • Given their raised level of cautiousness, Chinese consumers also spend a comparatively greater amount of time searching for information. They’re looking for the authentic platforms of trusted market leaders offering the most insightful and engaging content… and lots of it.
  • KOL testimonials, ratings and reviews and comments are critically important if you want your brand to be evaluated. They require consistent, ongoing monitoring.


  • A core challenge that few foreign brands can overcome is knowing how to truly understand and connect with Chinese audiences – on a deep emotional level.
  • Your user experience must be engaging – using rich media content. Videos, Live streams, KOL approval. Ideally, supported by offline elements and experiential marketing.
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  • However, this is only a quarter of the battle. You must also ensure that your social platforms and other digital channels provide a convenient, frictionless funnel to check out. ‘See-Now-Buy-Now’ Livestreams are a prime example of this.
  • Your stores require fundamentally strong operations supporting efficient and reliable order fulfillments.


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  • The average Chinese consumer is far more liberal when it comes to trading deep, demographic and ethnographic data in return for facility. The mass integration of this data across Alibaba, Tencent and Bytedance’s expansive ecosystems enables re-targeting tools far more advanced than in the west. We can help you to leverage these tools to maximise repurchases and encourage consumer loyalty.
  • Post Purchase reviews and ratings also provide a major reference point to future prospective customers. As such;
    • your business should take steps to encourage positive feedback and reviews on the site, whilst directing complaints and issues to customer service.
    • customer service is paramount for your business’ long-term survival. China’s major eCommerce platforms require 24/7 customer care. Furthermore, the competitive benchmark for returns are also unbelievably high.

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