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China's Increasingly Sophisticated, Ever-Discerning Consumers

With each day that passes, a growing number of foreign competitors are seeking access to China. Simultaneously, we’re seeing a rise in innovative, grass-roots domestic competitors. These players leverage their close, intricate market understanding to quickly capitalise on new opportunities. As a result, China’s consumers are spoiled for choice, particularly with regards to China eCommerce. They are also more discerning than western consumers. This means they’re more likely to conduct extensive research before purchasing. Subsequently, it is becoming increasingly challenging to achieve cut-through with each marketing dollar budgeted.

Maximise Your Results with an Insights-Based Strategy

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Without an insights-driven strategy in place, launching in China can prove to be an expensive and unfruitful exercise. For instance, many businesses discover too late that their China market demographics vary significantly from their western customers. Undoubtedly, this has major implications for your ideal marketing mix. Careful consideration must therefore be taken when developing your key messaging, channels and pricing etc. If your business wants to sell to China, market research is now a vital strategic component. Fortunately, RooLife’s research solutions provide your business with the knowledge and insight to truly make a dent.

RooLife Group can provide you with a deep understanding of your:

  • customers;
  • competitors;
  • competitive landscape (platforms, retail, social media etc.);
  • macro-landscape, and;
  • relevant industry trends.

China Research Inputs

RooLife Group utilises a range of techniques to give your business comprehensive market insight. These include:

  • desk research (news and social media listening);
  • field research (store visitations and site visits), and;
  • big data (eCommerce sales information).
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ROI-Centric Strategic Output

Our research is then boiled down into easily-digestible findings and recommendations. In turn, your business is better-able to optimise investment allocations into the channels most likely to achieve cut-through. Our strategy reports cover:

  • market positioning and messaging;
  • customer segmentation and targeting;
  • product optimisation;
  • pricing strategy (B2B, B2C, B2B2C etc.);
  • channel optimisation (platforms, channels etc.), and;
  • marketing, promotional and sales recommendations.

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RooLife's Phased Approach to Business Development in China

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