Exclusive UK Fasion and Cosmetics Brands Buyer Opportunity

Exclusive UK Fashion and Cosmetic Brands – Buyer Opportunity

RooLife Group (ASX Code: RLG) has been selected as the Australian Entry provider for UK companies looking to expand globally as part of Santander Navigator, a global digital subscription platform with its established global banking footprint and over 150 million customers. Specifically, the Santander Navigator portal is an online platform to assist and manage new market entry for UK businesses, connecting them to new markets like Australia, with RLG’s role to support, manage and implement Australian market roll outs for suitable and selected businesses identified on the platform.

As a result of this appointment, RLG is running a very focused and qualified program for the Fashion and Cosmetics Industry. The first event for 2023 is a Webinar in Mid-May with key UK Fashion and Cosmetic Brands interested in entering the Australian Market.

These opportunities have been part of a very rigorous qualification process and as such RLG is seeking interest from Australian-based companies from the following segments, but not limited to:-

  • FMCG
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Outdoor living
  • Lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly

RooLife Group also has forged strong relationships on the ground with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce and other industry-related bodies to help with this strategy and leverage the soon-to-be-announced Australia and UK Free Trade agreement to become the partner of choice for key UK Fashion and Cosmetic brands who are looking to enter the Australian Market.

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