RooLife Group extends China footprint

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RooLife Group Ltd (ASX:RLG) CEO Bryan Carr sits down with Jonathan Jackson in the Proactive studio to discuss the digital marketing and e-commerce platform and how it facilitates the connection between brands and consumers, primarily focusing on leveraging technology to penetrate new markets effectively. One of those markets is China and fits nicely into the company’s health and wellness strategy. RLG has solid relationships in China and recently agreed with a strategic investment partner in China a placement to raise $1.5 million at a 21% premium to the company’s last closing share price. The new investor, which manufactures and sells premium beverages in China and has strong distribution and commercial supply networks, will assist with identifying and selecting new sales channels and distribution partners in China for RLG’s product portfolio. Carr explains the company’s approach to new market expertise, detailing how RooLife Group assists businesses in navigating the complexities of entering and expanding within diverse global markets. This expertise encompasses market analysis, consumer behaviour understanding and tailored marketing strategies to ensure success in new geographical areas. Carr highlights the platform’s role in providing businesses with a seamless entry into markets, particularly in regions with high growth potential. RooLife has generated more than $50 million in sales for its clients, attributing this success to the company’s strategic focus on understanding consumer needs and market trends. The company employs bespoke strategies that align with the client’s specific goals, enhancing their online presence and sales capabilities. The conversation also touches on a recent strategic placement, which is set to enhance the company’s capital structure, enabling the expansion of its services and opening up new sales channels.