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The Australian: RLG’s achievements and the global growth the company is achieving

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Special Report: “After more than doubling FY22 sales revenue, Aussie-listed RLG is doubling-down on its unique business model and branching out across the globe, taking a fully-integrated digital marketing and customer acquisition expertise and driving client expansion into new and diversified markets.”

Today’s article highlights the global positioning of RLG and our client base from around the world with RLG matching consumer demand for food, beverages and health and wellbeing products with producers globally seeking to enter and sell into growth markets such as China.

This month we continue our business development activities with Santander Bank in the U.K. (www.santandercb.co.uk) as the China entry provider for their clients.

With Santander’s established global banking footprint and over 150 million customers, the Santander Navigator programme fits perfectly with RLG’s Marketplace platform.

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