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RooLife Group has been appointed an official partner and supplier for new China E-Commerce platform Whalecome MallWMall is an eCommerce platform which connects western brands to Australia and China’s extensive Daigou shopping network. The platform is backed by several foundation strategic partners. These include JD Logistics group (Jing Xi Da), as well as social e-commerce platform Feng Xiang. The partnership enables Wmall to seed your product, approved marketing materials and special promotions to thousands of sole-traders, whilst simultaneously driving brand engagement across a variety of Chinese social networks.

RooLife Group’s role is to engage with Australian and International brands, selecting a targeted range of products expected to have strong appeal to Chinese consumers. As official supplier of brands to WMall, RooLife Group is responsible for product selection in consultation with WMall, providing pricing and market entry services making products available in China and supplying to WMall to sell to its customers.

RooLife Group also assist Australian and International brands to prepare training materials and training sessions for the individual sellers on the platform to ensure the brands and customers are supported through the network.

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