Fiji Kava® Launches in China on Alibaba’s Tmall

The Calmer Co. in partnership with RLG, have officially launched their flagship store on Tmall Global

RLG News

A noteworthy development for kava enthusiasts and health conscious individuals in China is RLG’’s opening of The Calmer Co.’s Tmall Flagship store on Alibaba’s Tmall platform selling FijiKava. This expansion now allows Chinese consumers to conveniently order a variety of FijiKava products in their language and have them delivered directly to their homes. To explore and purchase premium Fiji Kava products, Chinese consumers can visit The Calmer Co.’s Tmall Flagship store at, providing them with a convenient space to access these offerings.

The CEO of The Calmer Co., Dr. Anthony Noble, expressed his excitement about the company’s expansion into the Chinese market. He mentioned their previous success in e-commerce, particularly in the USA where FijiKava Instant has become the top product in its category on, as well as their strong sales growth online in Australia. Dr. Noble emphasised that entering the Chinese market is a significant opportunity for FijiKava’s products, which has been made possible through six months of dedicated work by both RLG and FijiKava digital teams, closely coordinated between Australia and China.

To start off, The Calmer Co. is introducing its products, Noble Sleep® and Noble Kava® Capsules, in both 30 count and 60 count formats. These products have gained a reputation for their high quality and effectiveness, making them highly sought after by individuals looking for relaxation and tranquility. RLG played a significant role in ensuring that these products successfully reach the Chinese market.

The Calmer Co. And RLG have ambitious plans to expand the FijiKava product range through the Tmall Flagship store in the future. This new platform serves as a gateway for other brands under The Calmer Co. To enter the Chinese market, offering consumers even more options to enhance their overall well being.

A significant milestone was marked with an official event supported by RLG and its partner Alibaba and Trade & Investment Queensland.

The launch of The Calmer Co.’s Tmall Flagship store was celebrated with an official signing event held in Brisbane. Trade & Investment Queensland hosted this event, playing a crucial role in facilitating the collaboration between The Calmer Co. And their Chinese market partner, RooLife Group (ASX; RLG).

The partnership between The Calmer Co., RLG and Trade & Investment Queensland is a remarkable example of international business collaboration. It brings the calming and soothing qualities of Fiji Kava to a new and enthusiastic audience in China.

As The Calmer Co. expands its presence and range of products, the Tmall Flagship store represents a significant stride forward in their mission to promote relaxation, wellness and tranquility on a global scale.

RooLife Group CEO, Bryan Carr said “RooLife’s role is to assist businesses enter into and sell their products in the lucrative China market and with our strong focus in the health and wellbeing sector we are delighted to add FijiKava to our portfolio. We are excited to be launching their online store in China I look forward to seeing this digital channel come to life for FijiKava in the months ahead. RooLife also has a growing partnership with Shanghai No1 Pharmacy, which we see as a promising avenue for potential growth for The Calmer Co.’s product sales in the years to come, following the establishment of robust online sales channels.”

The Calmer Co. CEO, Dr Anthony Noble said “Building on our success in ecommerce in the USA where FijiKava Instant is now the number 1 product in its category on and strong sales growth online in Australia, the entry into the Chinese market represents the next significant, untapped international opportunity for FijiKava’s products. This is the culmination of six months dedicated work by the RooLife and FijiKava digital teams which has been tightly coordinated in the Australian and China markets. We have successfully established our online presence and pricing strategy in Australia, providing a strong foundation for a successful launch in the Chinese ecommerce market today”