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Each year, 1.43 million Chinese tourists visit Australia. Interestingly, these travellers are foregoing traditional organised ‘bus tours’, and instead, seeking out unique experiences and free independent travel. Regardless of who your target markets are, RooLife’s China marketing services and sales capabilities can help your brand domestically.

The first hurdle when engaging with Chinese tourists is engaging with them on the platforms they’re most familiar with. Therefore, It is important to have a presence on China’s major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), as well as their most frequented social and travel platforms. From there, it becomes a matter of providing truly meaningful, engaging, unique, fun and importantly, shareable experiences. RooLife Group Supports Australian and NZ tourist destinations through the development of key Chinese platform accounts, as well as through the implementation of integrated marketing strategies. These tend to incorporate KOL travel bloggers, video content and livestreams, as well as unique cross-platform deals and promotions.

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Platforms We Use to Support Travel and Tourism Campaigns

Partnership with Sightseeing Pass Australia

RooLife’s tourism solutions integrate our China marketing services and sales capabilities with Sightseeing Pass Australia’s multi-award winning online travel platform. This enables us to provide Chinese tourists with access to more than 350 tours and multi-attraction Discounted Passes across Australia. This convenience of this solution provides strong appeal to Chinese travellers ahead of their departure as well as during their time in Australia.

The partnership extends RooLife’s capabilities to include Sightseeing Pass Australia’s unique online offering with an easy-to-use booking platform accessing some of Australia’s best experiences. It also allows industry partners in China and Australia to be able to access great travel deals with RooLife Group to manage collection of all payments via the WeChat and Alipay payment methods.

A key positing is the bundling of different tours and attractions together, providing Chinese visitors with the ability to purchase Discounted Passes before they travel, providing them with an easier decision on what to see and do on their holiday and do it when it suits them.

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Support Your Customers with the Technologies They're Familiar With

RooLife’s Travel & Tourism service forms part of the Company’s strategy to engage with tour operators and tourist destinations in Australia. This enabling them to accept WeChat and Alipay payments on site allowing Chinese travellers to make purchases using their preferred payment method on their mobile phone, connecting the merchant with the consumer creating the opportunity for ongoing sales.

Our combined offering allows us to promote tours directly to Chinese travellers online, accept payment from their mobile wallet either via WeChat or Alipay and rely upon a well-known and highly-credentialed tour aggregator such as Sightseeing Pass Australia to deliver the tour packages – it’s a perfect solution for both companies and all Chinese tourists.

We see RooLife Travel as a digital disruptor and game changer in the tourism sector by influencing and guiding Chinese tourist’s travel plans early in their travel planning process, providing planned itineraries focussed on their needs and delivered with safety and convenience in mind.

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RooLife's Tourism Clients

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