Nuria: Capitalising on Opportunity Without Compromising on Values

Nuria Beauty, an ethically conscious and sustainable skincare company wanted to:

  • Tap into China’s booming CBEC market without compromising on their anti-animal testing ethos
  • Deepen their engagement with their brand audiences on their existing China platforms
  • Achieve better ROI on their China strategy
  • Develop their core brand presence on major eCommerce and digital platforms
  • Raise their brand exposure through China’s key digital and social media platforms
Nuria Range and logo
Nuria KOLs and social posts
Nuria KOL and social posts

RooLife's Approach

  • Took over the management of Nuria’s WeChat and Weibo accounts in August 2019
  • Launched brand on major female-oriented eCommerce, digital and social platforms.
  • Took over the ongoing development and management of digital marketing and sales plans and campaigns
  • Closed underperforming eCommerce operations
  • Currently in the process of launching a Tmall flagship store
  • Seeding stock to various B2B sellers and merchants

Touchpoints (11+)

[Above] KOL小草der introduces the unique formulation of Nuria skin serum and it’s repairing propertities, as well as how use and apply it.

Nuria Sales Promotions


  • Accumulated exposure across all campaigns: 7.74 million views
  • Engagements across all campaigns: 33K

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