About Trilogy

Trilogy is a NZ-based skincare company. It is founded in 2002 by two sisters who sought a solution for their sensitive skin. The sisters pioneered the use of natural ingredients when they discovered the powerful benefits of rosehip seed oil. Trilogy was a client of RooLife from 2016-2018 leading up to their sale to a Chinese parent company.

Trilogy Certifications

Cleaning Up and Developing their China Sales Channels

Trilogy, a NZ skincare company wanted to:
  1. Develop their B2C presence across all relevant CBEC platforms
  2. Regain control over the branding materials being used in China by their partners
  3. Develop an integrated omnichannel eCommerce, social media, search and digital strategy across a range of platforms
  4. Gain greater visibility and transparency of their convoluted B2B sales networks


Trilogy China eCommerce post screenshots

RooLife’s Approach

  1. Launched flagship CBEC stores and accounts on JD, Tmall, Xiaohongshu, VIP, Kaola, Yunji and WeChat, with dedicated operators, support, sales and marketing staff.
  2. Audited existing B2B distributors, sourced new distributors. Limited distribution to qualified leads and major eCommerce platforms. Supported distributors with frequent one-off promotions as well as tailored marketing, sales and branding support.
  3. Orchestrated integrated online and offline marketing campaigns campaigns leveraging livestreaming, KOLs, media purchasing, PPC and other activities

Touchpoints (10+)


  • Set up five official direct channels on all key cross border eCommerce platforms in under 12 months.
  • Implemented brand building strategy while achieving $USD8.2M in retail sales  year one.

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