Introduction to VETA

Made in the USA, VETA’s clinically-tested skin & hair care treatments are used by dermatologists, salons and for daily personal use. VETA formulates to correct signs of ageing, protect healthy skin & hair, and prevent future damage.


RooLife's Work for VETA

VETA approached RooLife seeking to
  1. Develop their B2C market presence
  2. To develop their B2B distribution networks
  3. Improve consumer awareness of the brand across all relevant digital channels – eCommerce, social media and search.
  4. Educate the market about hair loss prevention


VETA China promotional materials

RooLife's Approach

  1. Developed brand materials and presence across China’s major social media platforms WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu.
  2. Started in China CBEC key platforms such as VIP, Tmall, JD, Omall. Implemented aggressive sales promotions to raise exposure.
  3. Worked with KOLs to seed product, branding, promotions and educational material. Provided direct support for small Daigou KOLs as well as large scale B2B clients.

Touchpoints: 7+ Channels

VETA product range


  • Gained loyal customer base of repeat customers who heavily rely on hair growth product.
  • Launched a complete distribution and sales solution for an ultra high end functional hair care company, on all major cross border eCommerce and social media platforms.
  • Achieved $USD1.5M retail sales in 12 months.

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