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According to a Vogue/GQ survey, the most immediate opportunity for overseas tourist destinations over the next three months are China’s luxury consumers – said to be 40% more likely to travel than non-luxury consumers. Roughly 17% of luxury consumers indicated a willingness to travel overseas in Q2 – though many cite family-visitation reasons as the primary motivator, rather than general tourism.


In China’s eCommerce realm, ‘Blind Boxes’ have emerged a major trend in recent months – notably amongst China’s Gen-Z as well as female, white collar workers. Some of the major draw-cards of Blind Boxes include (i) the scarcity/collectibility of each item, as well as (ii) the added surprise/excitement of not knowing exactly what you’re getting. It’s perhaps, no surprise then to see that museums across China have recently boarded the train, and are rapidly selling out of replica relics from China’s history.


On March 30th, Suning Retail Cloud announced that they had officially hit their target of opening 600 retail cloud stores in Q1. Suning cloud stores enable entrepreneurs and micro business owners to tap into Suning’s powerful retail and distribution channels through opening their own franchise operations. Comparable to Tmall’s 1.5 million+ LST stores, Suning franchises stock home appliances, furniture and 3C products.

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