About Celebrity Slim

The Celebrity Slim Program is an easy-to-follow meal replacement diet plan designed to help anyone lose weight. Owned by Probiotec Limited, Celebrity Slim is an Australian industry leader in the weight loss category.

  • Develop a CBEC presence in China across China’s major eCommerce platforms
  • Develop their own relationships with China’s major eCommerce platforms
  • Develop their social media presence across China’s key platforms
  • Develop their B2B distribution capabilities
  • Develop markets for their slower-moving SKUs
  • Tap into Australia’s powerful daigou networks

RLG's Work for Celebrity Slim

  • RLG introduced Celebrity Slim to the likes of JD, VIP, Little Red Book, Tmall. We have a number of other major B2B distributors in the CBEC space. As Celebrity Slim’s brand agent in China, RooLife supported these relationships by providing comprehensive marketing and sales support. This entailed procuring resources and information on short notice to support their frequent promoting activities. These include regular KOL engagements and lives treams across a number of platforms, including Little Red Book, WeChat, Weibo and more.
  • Developed a comprehensive social and digital marketing presence supporting a number of integrated marketing campaigns. This includes frequent livestreams utilising a number of KOLs across a variety of platforms.
  • Celebrity Slim’s top three best-selling SKUs were bundled with new and slow-moving products in various promotions to support inventory management, whilst raising awareness of the less-popular SKUs.
  • Seeded Celebrity Slim products into Australian Daigou networks via partnership with WMall
Celebrity Slim Live Stream

[Above] Excerpts from numerous KOL Livestreams on Taobao Live

[Above] KOL 橘丽丝Genius introduces the Celebrity Slim program on Taobao Live.

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Outcome to Date

RLG successfully expanded Celebrity Slim’s market penetration across a variety of major and emerging channels. This is evident when observing sales across Little Red Book, JD and VIP official platforms. Retail sales revenue of over $500k achieved in year two.

VIP.com logo

First Launched in May 2017 
20,044 units sold

Xiaohongshu Logo

First Launched in July, 2018
9.75 million page views
24K engagements

JD.com Logo

First Launched in June 2017
1687 units sold

2019-2020 Strategy

  • Tmall Global is the biggest cross border E-commerce platform in China. So, Our Tmall FS will launch in coming days. Will grow into the best-selling store.
  • NetEase Kaola is growing so fast,and we have good relationship with their BD and Purchase Department. Mainly, The goal is to enter Kaola in the first half of the year. It will greatly increase the brand’s awareness.
  • JD Global also has a large market share. Its hot sale category is 3C products. But the health care category is growing steadily. We will reopen stores if the category is mature and the platform has more resources to support.
  • Besides, we will sell on new B2B channel and Taobao distributor to increase sales and build brand awareness.

[Above] KOC QQ小冰 introduces the Celebrity Slim program on Little Red Book.

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