Introduction to Betta

Betta is an iconic Australian home living and electrical supply franchise owned by the BSR Group. Therefore, they have been working alongside RLG’s western digital arm Choose Digital since 2012.

RLG's Work for Betta

RLG’s Approach

  1. Agnostically managing all performance media and planning the non-linear paths to purchase
  2. Created shopping campaigns, but focused on limited categories to maximise results and penetration
  3. We leveraged content created to bring visibility on site while maximising SEO gains through focus on local and mobile SEO
  4. Balanced match types and used 2nd tier engines to help fuel traffic growth

Touchpoints: 9+ Channels

Analytics, SEO, PPC (Video, Display, Pureplay, Remarketing) SEO (Local, Technical, On and Off-page, Mobile), Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Content Distribution (Blog and Outbrain)


  • Based on results, Betta have been an ongoing client of RooLife since 2011
  • Active Social Media audience of 72,000+ users
  • +187% YOY increase in transactions
  • 4,272 Keywords on 1st page of Google
  • YOY Average Order Value +92%
  • Cost Per Click -62% YOY

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