Introduction to Prospan and Flordis Australia

Flordis Prospan wanted to:
  1. Develop their B2B networks in China
  2. Raise consumer awareness for Prospan and to the parent company Flordis
  3. Develop their sales presence across
  4. Navigate complex regulatory hurdles surrounding health supplements in the China market
Flordis and Prospan in China

RooLife's Approach

  1. Aided the registration process for all SKUs in the cross-border eCommerce realm.
  2. Listed Prospan on RooLife flagship store (to save funds initially).
  3. Created Flagship store for Flordis to cross promote remaining range in China market.
  4. Gradually migrated exposure from RooLife flagship store top Flordis flagship store.
  5. Sourced over a dozen qualified B2B distributors.

Touchpoints: 4+ Channels

RooLife’s JD flagship store, Flordis JD flagship store, >5 sub-distributor flagship stores on JD, Tmall and others


  • AU$6M Average sales revenue
    for a single SKU (based on previous 3-year performance)
  • Created a massive B2B and B2C sales network in spite of complex regulatory challenges and frequent changes

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